About Us
Dr John Innis, DC
Dr Innis attended University of Florida, two years in the Army, Germany, Pasadena Chiropractic College. Dr Innis graduated Chiropractic College in 1981 and licensed in 1982. Dr Innis uses Diversified Technique and Activator methods adjusting Technique. He has been serving the Bakersfield Community for the last 14 years.

Dr Chris Roberts, DC
Dr Roberts attended Los Angeles Pierce College, Los Angeles Valley College, West Coast University, New College of California, and Chiropractic College in Los Angeles at Cleveland Chiropractic College. Dr Roberts graduated and was licensed in 1990. He is a certified instructor in the Blair Upper Cervical Technique and served on the Membership and Finance Board for the Blair Chiropractic Society 1999-2000. He uses Blair and Diversified Adjusting Techniques. Dr Roberts has been in practice in the Bakersfield area since January of 1990.
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